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Mother-Daughter Trip     To Puerto Vallarta


If you're like me and hate the cold and you're looking for a beautiful vacation spot to go to this summer then this is the place for you!  My Mom and I decided to take a Mother-Daughter vacay to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, while my Dad and Sis went to Washington D.C. Let me tell you, Puerto Vallarta is beautiful! From the ocean views to the millions of mountains, the rustic atmosphere was to die for. With the stress, I had from school and just life in general, this was the perfect solution for relaxation. My Mom and I ate lots of great food, got lots of sun, and read...a lot. When I say I read a lot I'm not joking! Seriously, I breezed easily through 3 insanely good books in less than a week. My mom and I were so blessed to have been able to create so many new memories together and escape the rainy Missouri weather for a little bit. I posted my favorite OOTD's and books from my trip and linked them below. Hope y'all enjoy! 

...Also, my Mom and I discovered a new word while in Mex which I am now obsessed with! The word is ZEN. I thought it was so fun and really set the tone for our relaxing vacation. Hopefully, I'm not crazy for just now hearing it for the first time!

-Liv Crain


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