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Hey y'all, happy Sunday! With school starting back up for the 2020-2021 year I thought it would be beneficial to share with you guys my go-to essentials for back-to-school at home. These school supplies will not only keep you organized but also motivate you to work hard and prevent procrastination

Without Further Ado...

1.) weekly planner

Y'ALL! I can't express enough how much I use planners. For me, it really helps me to plan out my week and keep me organized! Pro Tip: On Sunday evenings, take some time to write out your jobs and assignments for the week. It will give you a clearer picture and help relieve stress which is so important during any school year.  

2.)notebooks/ paper organizer

I just picked one of these up at HomeGoods and it is such a lifesaver! I can easily keep my classwork organized and in-check!

3.) LOTS of pencils/pens

These essentials are pretty obvious but are very important for school whether you're online or not! I just bought some cute, colorful pens from HomeGoods and, just by looking at them, I feel happier and more motivated!


Quote, quotes, quotes! I can't express how impactful quotes are. Having a simple quote next to you while your working from home this year is an easy way to make you feel good and encourage success. I personally love it when you can make your own quotes! Linking my fav here!


Last but not least, having a clock (whether it's an old school digital clock or on your cell phone) will help you manage your time and make sure you finish all of your classwork by each deadline. This item is so simple but honestly can be the key to good grades and less stress.

I hope this online school essentials blog post helped you! Comment below how you are returning to school. Stay safe and see y'all next week<3


-Liv Crain


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