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Being stuck inside also means you're not able to get your hair done at the salon. I'm sure once the quarantine is lifted hair salons will be crazy busy! I can't tell y'all how much I look forward to getting my hair done. Actually, before all the madness started, I had just retouched up the balayage in my hair, so it was ready for spring. One of the main reasons I love getting my hair done is because of my favorite stylist Reagan! If you live in the STL area and are looking for an amazing stylist, you need to go see Reagan at The Stylist. After it has been cut and colored, Reagan spends about 3 hours on my hair so it looks the absolute best it can be. It doesn't matter if it's 6 pm or 10 pm, she takes the extra time that way I leave with voluminous and beautiful hair that I absolutely adore. She is someone whom I admire and someone that you can tell truly loves what she does. So, if you need a new go-to stylist, she's your girl!

  How I Care For My Hair:  

If you know me, you know I have some pretty long and thick hair. Since I'm a growing teenager I have to wash my hair a little more frequently and, over the years, I've found some great hair products. Because I have my hair colored, I use purple shampoo twice a week to prevent brassiness and maintain my blonde hair. Below I will link some products that have worked for me and made my hair soft and shiny.

  **Check-In With Me:  

I just wanted to do a quick check-in with y'all. Currently, I am watching Fixer-Upper and I just keep obsessing over every single house Chip and Jo create. I can't help but scroll through my Pinterest looking at ideas for my future house. Crazy! I know I'm just a teenager, but, as they say, you can never be too prepared! If you see me down the road in a couple of years my house will definitely be some sort of farmhouse style with barn doors, shiplap, a wrap-around porch, and basically anything Magnolia inspired. Comment down below your dream house style.  Hope everyone is doing fantastic!


-Liv Crain

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