How To Stay "Sane" During Quarantine



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While being stuck indoors because of the Corona Virus I've tried to get off the phone and take full advantage of wellness activities. Here are my top 3 ways of staying sane during quarantine! Leave a comment down below of what activities you've been doing while being stuck indoors.

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       Quarantine Tip #1: At-Home Facials

When it comes to anything "at-home spa" related I'm totally for it. Feeling good and having that self-confidence in yourself is key. Pampering yourself once in a while is a must. Every Sunday evening I do a face mask, so my face is bright and hydrated for the week!

Currently, I'm LOVING Neutrogena's masks! They keep my face looking replenished and hydrated all day, every day. Seriously, if you're looking for a good go-to mask this is definitely it! 

Quarantine Tip #2: At-Home Yoga!

Yoga is such a good way to clear the mind and maintain a healthy body. While gym classes may be closed, you can still do various types of yoga classes on YouTube. I love having a daily routine, so each morning my Mom, Sis, and I roll out our mats and do yoga in the comfort of our own living room.


We currently do Ally Maz's flows and absolutely LOVE it! Whether you're a phenomenal yogi or a beginner she has flows for all types!

Quarantine Tip #3- Walk In Your Neighborhood!


Walking is proven to be one of the best ways to relieve any on-going stress. While trails and public parks may be closed, walks in your neighborhood is a great alternative! My family and I try to walk every day and every chance we get. Getting out and breathing in that fresh air is so good for your body and keeps you staying happy and healthy.

 Get together with your family and make it a routine to get out and take a peaceful walk together. Oh, and definitely bring your energetic pup, too! Layla, as you can tell, loves her daily walks.

-Liv Crain


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