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Since we've all had to stay home more than usual, it's normal to experience a little bit of 'cabin fever' as we help keep the world safe and healthy. I'll admit I've definitely had my fair share of the quarantine sadness, but I found a way to reduce the negative feelings and replace them with positive thoughts by reading some amazing optimistic quotes! Above I pictured my all-time favorite coffee mug which motivates me every morning and gives me a great mindset to start the day on the right foot. I have found that browsing for quotes on Pinterest is a wonderful way to put things in perspective and make me overall a happier person. Below I've listed 10 of my favorites that have helped me maintain positivity through these tough times. I hope these quotes give you happiness and faith.


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"Life Itself Is A Privilege. But To Live Life To The Fullest - Well That's A Choice."

-Andy Andrews



5 By 5 Rule...

​"If It's Not Gonna Matter In 5 Years, Don't Spend More Than 5 Minutes Worrying About It"

"Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like A Somebody."

"Life Is Tough, But So Are You."

"A Beautiful Day Begins With A Beautiful Mindset."

"If You See Someone Without A Smile, Give Them One Of Yours."

-Dolly Parton

Don't Adapt To The Energy In The Room, Influence Energy In The Room."

"God's Plans Will Always Be Greater And More Beautiful Than All Your Disappointments."

"Always Find Time For The Things That Make You Feel Happy To Be Alive."

"Clothes Aren't Going To Change The World. The Women Who Wear Them Will"

-Anne Klein

 Comment below your favorite quotes--I'd love to hear them! I hope the upcoming week brings you joy, happiness, and lots of Netflix binging.

**Don't forget to tell people how much you love them.

See y'all next Sunday!


-Liv Crain


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