5 Things To Start Doing That Are Great For Your Mental Health


   From Liv   

2020 has hands down been a year filled with big changes and uncertainty. With all of the chaos, it's normal to feel anxious and worried for the future. I for one have definitely had my fair share of stress which is why I am bringing to y'all this morning some strategies I've picked up this year that have helped reduce some tension off my shoulders and helped me stay optimistic in the crazy year that is 2020!

Without further ado... 

  5 Strategies That Will Benefit               Your Mental Health...        

1.) Pick up reading!

I know I've talked about this before but reading a book (especially one you love) is a really easy way to forget about your worries and let your mind wander into the lives and setting of the characters in your story!  I love reading the most right before bed because it helps me go to sleep faster while also letting my mind relax. 

2.) Put your phone down for 1 hour every day!

Not gonna lie this one was hard for me to do but now since I've started doing it I've noticed how much doing this one simple action has positively benefited my mental health. While I love me some Snapchat, tik tok, VSCO... basically anything social media related, it's nice just to put down your phone once in a while and live in the moment.

3.) Take Yourself On A Drive!

This strategy is one, in particular, I have been doing a lot recently. Driving down your favorite backroads while listening to your favorite playlist is hands down one of the most calming, satisfying things to do to help with mental health. The other night I took a sunset drive and listened to Quinn XXII's (I've been loving him lately!!) new album and afterward got some ice cream. Little things like that are easy and, most importantly, beneficial ways to reduce stress and give you a more positive outlook.

4.) Meditate Before Bed!

This strategy is cliche but one of the best things you can do to get the stress and tension off your shoulders. After a long busy day, it's nice just to set aside some time to fully unwind and let your mind wander without any pressure or worries.

5.) think of 3 good things that happened to you today!

I love doing this because it makes me realize all of the positive things in my life that are good. Reviewing your day at night while reminiscing on some of the main parts of your day is a great way to maintain positive vibes and keep up with good mental health!


-Liv Crain


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